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Emergency, Emergency! You think you feel something in your teeth, and your on that special date you've been waiting for! What do us ladies do? We try to smile, but without showing teeth, as we quickly dig through our purse. What are we looking for? Our compact mirrors so we can put our anxiety to rest before we make ourselves look like a fool in front of the guy we've been dreaming about the past 2 weeks!

Well, it may not be exactly like that, but you get the picture. So many beautiful devices out there, but what phones out there are more for the ladies of technology? We've had the HTC Rythme and Samsung La Fleur, but nothing really has blown up for those of the feminine population. Today, this all changes!

There have been several attempts to draw more ladies to smartphones by making devices more "lady like" so to say. Unfortunately, it's all been a flop. Today Oppo and Chanel Lipstick give ladies a reason to rejoice. They have created the Oppo Ulike 2, which comes to us with a more "woman-focused" approach. The best feature to this device? It comes with a 5 MP FRONT FACING camera!


If you look at most phones today that have been released, not many of them have anything higher than a 2 MP front camera, so this device will already gets huge waves of attention. Oppo has created this high-res front camera with two things in mind.

  1. To give ladies a quick mirror (when those first date anxieties arise).
  2. It provides a higher up camera with an app.

First, let's touch on how this can be used for a compact mirror, because I gotta say I'm intrigued. The camera has what everyone is familiar with as a "Preview Mode." This turns that big 4.5 inch screen into a mirror! Fascinating, however I can do that with my Galaxy Nexus too, BUT  my Galaxy Nexus doesn't have a 5 MP front camera either.

This can enable ladies to leave that compact mirror at home, and let's face it, as women we always have our phone, and we are always on it, right? Well at least I am anyways. What better way to make it look less obvious while your on your date right? "Well I'm just gonna check my Facebook quick…" while secretly using the preview mode on your Ulike to check to make sure you are food free in that beautiful smile.


The design of the Ulike 2 isn't too bad either, of course I'm not a fan of the square design, but it's definitely considerable.

How about the camera options? This advanced front camera  provides a great opportunity for "self portraits," or at least that is what Oppo says. The camera app then provides nice filtering features like:

  • Dermabrasion
  • Whitening
  • Face-Lift
  • Eye Enhancement

So it gives those self portraits those finishing touches before you send it to that special someone before the next date 😉


Those aren't the only things either interesting about the Ulike 2, how about video conferencing? Even though video conferencing isn't too popular on the mobile phones, it would have to be pretty good on the Oppo Ulike 2 I would think.

The Ulike 2 comes with a 4.5 inch screen, but incredibly compact. The screen bezel is just 2.2 mm! Wow! This is supposed to help those ladies do "one handers." It would seem that Oppo really has thought this device through.

Not all the specs have been fully released, but "Chinese media" has confirmed the device is being worked on as we speak. The feature specs so far for this device are:

  • 4.5-inch 540—960 touchscreen
  • 8 MP rear camera
  • 5 MP front camera
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 16 GB of built-in storage space
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

The processor is still unknown at this point. Judging from the specs it would seem like a really decent phone! However, I would feel that this device would be more appropriate for the teenage generation and possibly some young ladies as well. It's not a device that jumps out at me, but I'm not your typical lady either.

What do our readers think about this device? Do you think it will be a popular win with the ladies?  I'm intrigued to hear the thoughts!

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