The Droid DNA Ships with Amazon's App Store; Is There Room for Two?


For some time now Verizon has sort of been the rogue Android carrier, they relied on the Droid line before the iPhone made it to the network a couple years ago and yet when it came down to Android and Google they never really played ball like everyone else. There have been a number of examples as well, for instance the Samsung Fascinate they hit the network back in 2010 was their version of the Galaxy S and it had Bing all over it which, at the time was a real shame as Bing was pretty poor back then. Google Wallet was another example of defiance in the face of Google, with the Verizon variant of the Galaxy Nexus shunning the version and let's not get started on updates shall we.

Moving on to apps now and while the carrier supports carrier billing with the Play Store it looks as though Verizon is more than happy to push people Amazon's way. The Droid DNA is coming with the Amazon App Store built in to the phone, yet another piece of blatware that is most likely something you'd need to root to remove. Now, I'm going to get into why the Amazon App Store isn't as good as the Play Store, I'm going to ask, don't Verizon have enough money?


I don't see the incentive for Verizon, or HTC for that matter, other than cash. All of Verizon's apps are in the Play Store so, why the Amazon App Store? It's not really that big of a deal we suppose, as there's the very easy choice of just not using it but, it's a known fact that the Amazon App Store has nothing but duplicates of those from the Play Store and brings little unique apps to the table. I know it's not my place to say what Verizon should be doing with their phones but, isn't their chokehold on their devices already enough without ramming their partners' wares down our throats?

Android has made Verizon plenty of money, when there was no iPhone the Droid was the hottest thing around on the carrier and Android was the only real smartphone OS on the carrier 'til the iPhone 4 came along. Why don't you learn to take care of your friends Verizon, take a step back, and let Android be what it is: brilliant.

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