Tablet Wars: Google Nexus 10 VS Google Nexus 7

Tablet Wars Nexus 10 Vs Nexus 7

I think you all thought this was inevitable, a fight against the two flag bearers of Android on tablets, one large, one small. These two have made a name for themselves for very different reasons, one's really cheap and the other is chock full of hardware never seen before. A fight between two Nexus devices is always going to be a tough one but when it comes down to tablets there're a lot than just a spec sheet involved here there are personal preferences to consider here and this makes it difficult to declare outright winner. Read on to see which one of these you'd back in battle.

The Specs

Google Nexus 10

A newcomer to the tablet world, the Nexus 10 comes in at the 10-inch form factor and is the first to run stock Android like this since the Motorola XOOM and boy, how far we've come! With a stunning display at 2560 x 1600 this tablet hits hard and holds no punches when it comes to screen quality and vibrancy. The 10 inch Nexus is built by Samsung and packs a Cortex-A15 based processor with 2 cores at 1.5Ghz – a dual-core sounds old hat now but, thanks to the new architecture of Cortex-A15 this thing screams. Apps are a real problem though, with a lot of apps reverting to how they'd look on a phone, at 10 inches and above full HD, that doesn't paint a pretty picture. The Nexus 7 on the other hand, can get by with phone apps just fine.


  • Stunning high resolution display
  • Processor and RAM are up-to-the-minute here


  • Tablet apps are far and few between and not very good either
  • If you already have the Nexus 7 there's little reason to upgrade

Nexus 7

This little guy has made some big waves since its arrival in the summer and for good reason, for something so little it sure packs some good fire power within and punches well above its weight. The 1280 x 800 IPS is brilliant for watching films and playing games, not to mention books and magazines from the Play Store. The Tegra 3 quad-core inside might only be of the Cortex-A9 variety but, it's brilliant for games and browsing the web alike. The Nexus 7 is no slouch and while it might only have 4.1 at the moment, an update to 4.2 will be coming very soon. For everyday use the Nexus 7 lays waste to the Nexus 10, there's nothing that this little guy can't do and whilst a rear-facing camera would be nice it's nothing we can't live without on a 7-inch tablet. Let's not forget also that the Nexus 7 can be had with 3G support as well, making this a swiss army knife of mobile computing.


  • Brilliantly priced
  • Powerful quad-core produces excellent gaming results


  • No rear-facing camera
  • Apps aren't as much as an issue but phone apps at 1280 x 800 aren't brilliant either

And The Winner Is…

Truthfully it was a tough decision but when it comes down to it, the Nexus 7 does a lot more for a lot less. The screen might not be anywhere near as nice but 1280 x 800 on a 7-inch display is nothing to scoff at. Movies and YouTube look great on this thing and with the added addition of 3G support it became even easier to take this thing with you everywhere. On the app front, the Nexus 7 doesn't conquer but suffers fewer casualties than the Nexus 10 with phone apps looking OK on the 7-inch display. Tablet apps still look better but life with apps on the Nexus 7 is a lot easier than the Nexus 10 and thanks to it s light weight is a whole lot easier to hold in one hand for reading. Honestly, it's strange to think a tablet like this can still be had for so less but somehow ASUS and Google managed it and they've done a great job.