Tablet Wars: Google Nexus 10 VS Apple iPad 4

So, we've been staging quite a few battles here at Android Headlines and it's time for another Tablet War. This time around it's the two flag-bearers for their platforms: Google's Nexus 10 and Apple's iPad 4. The Nexus 10 is the newcomer to the block but that doesn't mean that it's not bringing some serious hardware to the fight and with the iPad 4 being a little better than the only 8 month old "new" iPad it seems that there's a real fight on our hands here. Read on to get the blow-by-blow.

The Specs

So, it looks like they're pretty well stacked against each other, with the Nexus 10 coming in a little thinner than the iPad 4 however, there's a bigger battery inside Apple's latest but not latest tablet. Let's go into detail on each of the tablets!

Google Nexus 10

For some time now we've all been thinking that Google need to step up their game when it comes to tablets. The Nexus 7 was definitely a step in the right direction and now, with the Nexus 10 they're making another stride into iPad territory. With such a high resolution display, this latest from Samsung definitely has it takes to deal the iPad a blow or two. There aren't still too many apps on Android that take advantage of the Tablet UI but, with Google throwing their weight behind it with the Nexus 10, things should get a lot better. This time around though, Google and Samsung have taken care where Apple have - this device is solidly built and the backing is covered in a soft touch material that makes it nice and easy to hold. If you're looking for a high-end Android tablet, this is it folks.


  • Stunning display, brilliant for movies and reading magazines
  • Fast CPU and GPU combo will make games really pop


  • Still not a lot of tablet apps for this beautiful screen
  • WiFi Only, for now

Apple iPad 4

We're not sure what to call this iteration of the iPad really. It seems like Apple are replacing the "new" iPad that came out earlier in the year with this model, a move that I don't think even Google would pull. It's certainly a strange move especially considering that this is essentially the same tablet as the "new" iPad except for the faster processor and lightning connector. I'm sure that a lot of "new" iPad owners out there are frustrated and rightly so. It's been said that the iPad's app situation is an embrassment of riches and it still holds true, there are so many apps on the iPad it's crazy. However, the overall OS is starting to look a little dated and it's clear that Apple don't like change. For some time, the iPad's display has been on top of the tablet word but, with the Nexus 10 there is a new contender and arguably one that bests it, as the Nexus 10 is far better suited for movies and TV shows. The fact is that the iPad still has brilliant build quality and a slew of apps but an ageing OS and a hefty price tag to match.


  • On the iPad, there really is an app for that
  • Good build quality


  • Not much of an upgrade over the "new" iPad
  • It's the same old iOS on top of it all

And The Winner Is...

This shouldn't be a surprisin decisions to you and no, not because we're Android Headlines but, because the Nexus 10 comes with a lot of powerful hardware packed into a well designed shell. Not to mention pricing, the Nexus 10 is cheaper than the iPad 4 and it's got a much nicer display to it, the two of them trade blows when it comes to pixel density, with the Nexus 10 at 300 ppi and the iPad - for the first time - trailing with just 264 ppi. Making the Nexus 10 the better screen on paper, it's also more suited to movies and TV shows thanks to its relatively common 16:9 aspect ratio however, the iPad is still with a ratio of 4:3 making movies and TV appear a little old school or, you just see less. The Nexus 10 is quite possibly the best Android tablet around and it makes a whole lot of sense to get this over the iPad for a couple of important things: Android is going somewhere whereas Apple think iOS 6 is the best thing ever. Also, the Nexus 10 will probably be supported for longer than the iPad 4 judging on how they handled the "new" iPad and the original iPad.

Let us know what you think!

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