SwiftKey Flow Settings Has Been Spotted on the Galaxy Note 2!!




Back in October SwiftKey decided to take up the competition of Swype and create their own called SwiftKey Flow. They also have the popular SwiftKey keyboard app as well, which is supposed to have top of the line text prediction, with "easy to adjust settings and awesome themes." SwiftKey Flow was supposed to really give Swype some good competition. However, since that annoucement there hasn't much news since then. There was "word" of a beta, but again no one seen or heard anything regarding it. However, SwiftKey Flow has recently been spotted and on a quieter note at that. It would seem that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users are among the first to have access!!

This is just a rumor of course, and no verification has been given by SwiftKey themselves. Yet, users of the Galaxy Note 2 are seeing a setting option specific to SwiftKey Flow. For anyone using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 go to your keyboard settings and dig around there should be an option to enable SwiftKey Flow, if not, we want to hear about it!

The swype feature within SwiftKey Flow is said to be "aesthetically pleasing." The color aspect to the tracing is said to have a pink trail that "gradients into blue." I'm sure this will change with the different amount of themes that will be available to users.

The reason this is interesting is the competition it will cause for Swype. Since it's such a new feature and still being worked on, there isn't much for theming and development purposes. If you're anything like me, looks and design mean everything aside from smooth performance. SwiftKey Flow will already have a good "set of themes" available to their users with the app.

Another downfall to Swype is that not everyone is not able to use it, especially those who root and rom their phones. AOSP ROMs have quite the difficulty, and usually do not provide Swype features for users in their work. Whereas, SwiftKey Flow all you have to do is download the app from the Play Store. Doesn't matter what you are currently running. This might cause some issues for Swype in the future if they can't get better support.  It may also give them some competition since SwiftKey Flow will not consist of the restrictions like Swype has.

We still aren't sure when this will become available to users and the Play Store, but one thing is for certain, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users may have the capability to use it, and without warning, announcement, nothing. Which makes you wonder, was this done on purpose, or is it glitch? Why was it kept so secret with no announcement?


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