Sprint Confirms Black Friday Deal: Samsung Galaxy S3 for $50!


It's that time again folks, where people get up at 3 a.m. just to make it to that front door before it opens so they can rush in with all the other Black Friday shoppers to get that one great deal! I'm not one for Black Friday, and I'm definitely not one for getting up at 3 a.m. just so I can get a really good deal on something. I will however, browse the online Black Friday deals. It's so much safer shopping from home these days.

Today, Sprint has a special deal for everyone, and I have to say I'm even excited about it!  The Black Friday deal they are marketing is the Samsung S3 for ONLY $50!! That's an incredible deal! Originally, the S3 for Sprint sits at a $200 price range with a 2 year contract, so it can't get any better than $50! It's possible that the deal may include a rebate of some kind, so you may pay more in-store, but that hasn't been confirmed yet. There's also the fact you need a two-year contract as well.

Although the new line of Nexus devices, Samsung Note II, and Droid DNA are among the newest devices, the Samsung S3 is still fairly new and definitely worth the $50!

Not only is Sprint offering the Samsung S3 for Black Friday, but the Galaxy Nexus, and the "newer Galaxy Victory 4G will be on Sprint's list as well. The pricing on those? $50 up front and that it, and you get that money back from a rebate, so it's pretty much free besides signing your life away for the next two years.

All these great devices will go on sale Thanksgiving Day, and of course Black Friday, but WAIT there's more! The LG Viper LTE and Optimus Elite are also available. Their pricing? Free with a two-year contract.

What do you all think? While I'm not one for the older devices, I'm definitely for the Samsung S3! It's definitely a great deal that you'll want to take into consideration if you're up for an upgrade. Better yet, that son or daughter who may have been begging for a new phone? Here's your chance! $50 and you're done, and you can view that lovely reaction that so many parents love and adore!




Sources: Android Authority

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