Sprint Announces its Picking up Customers and Spectrum in the Midwest from Regional Carrier US Cellular

November 7, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

This morning Sprint went ahead and announced that they were picking up about 20MHz of the 1900MHz band spectrum from US Cellular. Now this is going to affect customers in Chicago, South Bend, IN, and Champaign Ill. Sprint will also be picking up about 10MHz of spectrum in St. Louis Missouri. These moves by Sprint will be costing about $480 Million and affect about 585,000 US Cellular customers.

Sprint’s CEO, Dan Hesse, had this to say about the move:

“This transaction will enable us to strengthen our business and become a more robust competitor,”

“Acquiring this spectrum will significantly increase Sprint’s network capacity and improve the customer experience in several important Midwest markets including Chicago and St. Louis. We welcome the new customers in these markets and look forward to providing them with Sprint’s unique combination of unlimited plans, an iconic device portfolio and unmatched customer service.”

Now if Sprint can continue on their 4G LTE and Network Vision plans, many more customers will appreciate it. Including the 585,000 new customers they just acquired from US Cellular.

Source: Sprint