Spark Socket Makes It Easier Than Ever To Control Lighting


When it comes to sockets that hold light bulbs, things haven't changed too much since their invention. You screw in the light bulb which is connected to some switch that you use to turn the light on and off.

Technology has obviously advanced significantly over the years and a new light bulb socket by the name of Spark, looks to bring some cool functionality, making the interaction completely wireless. Spark launched just a few days ago on Kickstarter and at the time of writing this, is at $23,070 in funding.


What is Spark? Essentially, it's a light bulb socket that screws into a socket. You then screw whatever light bulb into Spark and with some cool technology, allows you to control it wirelessly through a phone, tablet, or PC and do a number of functions.

For example, you can set it up to flash for specific notifications and even use it as an alarm by making it fade in to gently wake you up. Below is a list from their Kickstarter page which lists just some of the things you can do:

  • Turn on your lights before entering a dark house
  • Use your bedroom lights as a "sunrise" alarm clock, slowly fading on over 10 minutes to help you wake up naturally
  • Turn off every light in the house with a push of a single button
  • Dim the living room lights when you're watching TV or eating dinner
  • Turn your lights on and off while you're on vacation so it looks like someone's home
  • Flash your lights to let you know that you've received a new email or text message
  • Automatically dim your lights when it's bright outside to save energy

The possibilities will be endless actually considering that there are APIs available for developers. The funding goal is $250,000 and there are currently 26 days to go.


Want a Spark socket? Their early bird special at $49 for one socket has sold out, but the next option is $59 for one. There are several other options to choose from and spots for developers are wide open. Would you enjoy using a wirelessly controlled light bulb socket?