Phone Wars: Google Nexus 4 VS Apple iPhone 5


Here at Android Headlines, we like to see what the rest of the competition is up to. While we may not show it, we're a group of tech addicts that have interests extending far beyond Android. As such, it's always fun to do comparisons against one device and another. It's something that we all do, whether or not it's quietly in our heads or with some friends or whatever. This is something that we haven't done before but, now we're going to be doing it quite often. We're not going to bog you down with heavy facts and figures, just the essential facts coupled with our opinion as we see it. Hopefully this will spark a healthy discussion as well!

You know that this comparison was going to come in some form or another and here it is. The latest and greatest from both Apple and Google. This time around both companies are doing something a little different, for the first time in 5 years Apple have made a bigger iPhone and the Google Nexus 4 is Google's first partnership with LG and the first Nexus with quad-core processing power. Will the Nexus 4 leave you this happy, or will the iPhone 5 sour it for you? Read on!





So, for the Nexus 4, this is going to be pretty clean cut: you can only buy it straight from Google and then you can run it on either AT&T or T-Mobile or any MVNO that runs on these networks, it's going to run you $299 for 8GB and $349 for 16GB. I'm sure we would all welcome a 32GB version as well but, 16GB with Google Drive etc could just be enough. Opening the possibility for some cheap data and voice plans for the Nexus 4. When it comes to the iPhone 5, things are a little more varied and price wise it's roughly the same across all the carriers: $200 for 16GB, $300 for 32GB and $400 for 64GB. This is on a 2-year agreement and it's worth noting that to use T-Mobile's service, you'll have to buy an unlocked iPhone and bring it to the carrier. In the long run though, it's no secret that the iPhone 5 is going to cost you more money, with a 2-year plan attached to it, you're locked in. However, with the Nexus 4, you can have a seriously powerful phone and freedom, on GSM at least, for $349 with 16GB. The resale values of both phones should be relatively similar as well, thanks to the cult like following of both phones

And The Winner Is?

This is, a question that comes down to personal preference, if your poison is Android then the Nexus 4 is perhaps your best option right now. However, the iPhone 5's screen "upgrade" could be what you've been left waiting on for years. With Jelly Bean 4.2, Google has made even more improvements to speed as well as some added features that are really great. Meanwhile, Apple have gotten rid of Google Maps for their own abysmal maps, that have been inaccurate and lack the same polish you get with Google Maps. As well as this, iOS 6 looks and feels a lot like it did 5 years ago, perhaps not a bad thing but, in these times you'd expect more from the world's best-selling smartphone. Personally, I'd get the Nexus 4, simply for the freedom of being able to do whatever I want with my phone as well as the idea of swapping MVNOs or providers whenever I so like. Google Voice will help to reduce voice costs at home as well.

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