Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 Gets Better With The “Premium Suite”

November 23, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

There’s no denying that Samsung are on to something with the Note line, it’s been successful as a phone and now that they’ve had a tablet version on the market for some time, it looks like their enjoying success there, too. The Note 10.1 didn’t get overly good reviews from critics, mostly because of the device’s speed but, with an update to Jelly Bean (4.1) bringing Project Butter with it, a lot of these speed and stability issues should have been resolved. The update has only just started to roll out and you might not have it just yet but, keep checking to see if you’re one of the luck ones.

With the Jelly Bean update, Samsung have seen fit to bring with it some added extras to the already long feature list, much like they did with the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the original Galaxy Note.  Samsung have tried their best to bring some added value to the Note 10.1 – besides the S-Pen – and there’s a whole suite of productivity apps in there that make tasks in the workplace a lot easier, for instance there are ways to get equations easily converted, it deals with graphs and charts as well as general note-taking. If anything, the Note 10.1 is a better tablet for getting stuff done than the iPad, without even mentioning the brilliant multi-pane view in the most recent build of TouchWiz.

With increasing resolutions on Android tablets – the Nexus 10’s 2560 x 1600 for example – is something that calls for this sort of thing. What do you think? Would it be a good idea if Google brought some form of the multi-window feature to stock Android? I doubt they will do, with the recent shift in tablet UI present on the Nexus 10 it looks like Google have realized that there aren’t a lot of tablet apps out there and until that changes then there’s little need to bring something like this to the tablet.

Samsung are packing in a “Premium Suite” with the update to Jelly Bean and you can take a look at it in the video below: