Samsung's Galaxy S III Mini and Note II To Get Dressed Up in 3 New Colors for 2013


When it comes to smartphones these days, it seems that a lot of people are looking the past the boring black of yesterday and wanting a little more color in their lives. Numerous manufacturers have tried and while it's always nice to have a fresh coat of paint every now and then, a lot of the time it can seem like a cheap reboot of the device.

Motorola seemed to be the worst culprit for this, by releasing the Droid RAZR in every color they could and they were particularly bad for it back in the old days of feature phones, before Android was anywhere close to becoming as big as it is now. Nowadays though, things have changed and it looks like we want the color back in our lives. For some time now we've been greeted with the drab black of smartphones and it's something that Samsung are looking to put a stop to.



The Galaxy S III launched with a unique color of Pebble Blue and they soon stepped this out to Earth Brown, Titanium Gray, Onyx Black Garnet Red and there's a Pink version in Korea. Samsung are looking to bring even more color into the smartphone space by bringing more colors to the Galaxy S III Mini and the Galaxy Note II.

The Galaxy S III Mini is going to be getting dressed up in the following colors: Titan Gray, Garnet Red and Onyx Black. Whereas the Galaxy Note will be getting Amber Brown, Topaz Blue and Ruby Wine outfits come next year.


While it might not be the most exciting addition to an already stellar line up of devices, it's certainly something that's going to help shift units. Especially when it comes to the Galaxy S III Mini, a phone that already appeals to a younger audience will work well in a number of different colors. I can't say that I've ever been too fussed when it comes to smartphone colors but, I did pick my One X because I liked the way it looked and I'm going to the Nexus 4 for the same reason now, if Google could get that White Nexus 4 out already…

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