Samsung to Sue LG Over OLED Patents; Fighting with Apple Not Enough


In today's technology industry it seems that someone has to have a problem with somebody else. It's hardly surprising though, after all the industry has gotten more lucrative than it ever has been and it's making more money than ever. With this goes the urge to protect what's making you all this money and time and time again we've seen suits come to light that are nothing more than trivial disputes over small design patents or, in the case of Microsoft, filesystem disputes.

Samsung and Apple have, of course, been at the forefront of all this and made big waves this summer when the two finally got at each other in the courts. We all know how that one ended when Samsung won the battle and it ended up with a hefty bill for Samsung to pay, around $1.02 Billion and it looked like it was going to harm Samsung's reputation.

While the Samsung v Apple debate is going to on until the end of the world, it looks like the Korean giant isn't afraid of picking fights with other manufacturers in the game. It's this that has caused Samsung to file a Patent Suit for LG, their closest rival in the South Korean market over OLED technology. It's no secret that both LG and Samsung use OLED technology to their advantage, while Samsung uses it more in their AMOLED screens for mobile devices, LG are more focused on using the technology in their TVs. OLED has long offered greater vibrancy of colors and deeper blacks and is something that Samsung have been very successful with in the mobile space.


OLED tech has been around for some time now and while this suit doesn't pertain to mobile it's certainly interesting to see that in-fighting has now creeped into the Korean industry, if LG were to win the case – which they could do – then Samsung could be left with some headaches when making AMOLED packed smartphones.

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