Samsung to Rebrand and Revamp Itself Come CES 2013


What's the most important thing in business? A good product? Good service? Good distribution channels? These are all important of course but, if you have no brand than you essentially have no business either. IF there's nothing to take notice of when it comes down to your business then you're not going to ship that awesome new product of yours and you're not going to make as many sales as you think you ought to. It's all about the brand and this is no more important than now, in 2012, with people always connected and always in the know, your brand is everything and it's everywhere now. This is why it comes as some what of a shock that Samsung are apparently heading for a major revamp of their brand, to be unveiled at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in 2013.

The Australian News Network, Channel News, has the scoop on the whole thing and it's said that the man that once headed up some of Nike's big advertising projects, Scott Bedbury will be taking the lead on the rebranding. Bedbury is not just of Nike though, he's also worked for Starbucks and we know how strong their brand is – they're everywhere. It looks like it's definitely already in motion as Samsung execs have been told to "wait until January" to get more business cards printed, a true sign that a brand change is one its way.

It's said the the branding will do away with the Samsung logo of old and be replaced with individual colors that represent their individual product lines, whatever that means. There's a lot of questions to be asked of such a revamp like this, will the Galaxy S Line continue to be diluted and milked for its worth or will Samsung come out with a whole new line of phones altogether come Mobile World Congress? What of TouchWiz, the most popular UI on top of Android, is it to be done away with or merely tweaked? All these questions are pressing but, there is one that seems relatively easy to answer, why now?


With the lawsuit of this summer, Samsung have become "that South Korean company" in the eyes of many tech-savvy consumers. This is something that Samsung would surely want to put a stop to and have a brand that portrays the same quality as their successful Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. With a major revamp, Samsung could finally reach the goal of becoming a globally recognized company and not just the company from South Korea that ships TVs and Phones all over the place. We're excited to see what Samsung will have in store for us and we want to hear what you think as well!

[Source: Channel News]

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