Samsung to Only Ship Full HD LCDs; No 1080p AMOLED

November 1, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

Here is some potential bad news if you’re a big fan of AMOLED displays, with full HD displays hitting the market already in some parts and 2013 to become the year where they hit everywhere else, Samsung are going to be shipping LCD displays instead of AMOLED. Now, this doesn’t apply to all of their displays but, just to those that are going to be hitting the magical resolution of 1920×1080 as Samsung have said that their LCD plant is all ready to produce them. This isn’t to say that Samsung won’t ever bring a Full HD AMOLED panel to the market but, it looks like it might be some time before they do so. Samsung have long struggled to bring AMOLED production up to the same level of that of their LCD panels. For instance, tablets from the Korean company still come packing LCD display as oppose to AMOLED. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 did pack a 1280×800 7.7″ Super AMOLED display but, this drove the price up and the tablet was never that much of a success for the company.

The South Korean giant is looking to compete with Japanese companies that have already perfected their manufacturer of full HD panels. Personally, I think this is the right step for Samsung to take, for some time AMOLED displays have been lagging behind in technology. For instance, PenTile displays that Samsung keep shipping, even in the flagship Galaxy S III, cannot compete with HD IPS panels. The One X line – including the EVO 4G LTE – had stunningly accurate IPS displays in them and the display in the new Nexus 4 is IPS, again a stunning display. The Galaxy Nexus shipped with a Super AMOLED panel and a number of users experienced color fringing and other such inaccuracies. If you’re a die-hard AMOLED fan though, you’re going to have to wait that little bit longer if you’re holding out for a 1080p phone from next year’s line up.

Let us know in the comments if you simply can’t live without an AMOLED display anymore!