Samsung Struggling to Mass-Produce 441 ppi AMOLED Panels Destined for the S IV


I realize that it's perhaps too early to start talking about the Galaxy S IV and yet there are already rumors swirling about the device. The Galaxy S III may well be heading for a strong holiday season but that doesn't mean that Samsung aren't already thinking about the next iteration of the device and I'm sure they have some very interesting ideas behind closed doors that we won't get to see. Chief among these rumors is the inclusion of a 1080p display of 4.99" that will bring 441 ppi pixel density to the phone. The inclusion of such a screen is something I could see making some sense as it would keep Samsung firmly ahead of the curve when it comes to screen resolution but it would surely cannibalize sales of the Note line.

There's now word that Samsung are struggling to get the manufacturing process of this display just right in order to mass-produce the display panels. Digitimes have reported that Samsung are having problems getting their evaporation process to work properly for these type of panels. The Korean giant is looking to get a hold of the LITI technology from 3M that would allow OLED material to be better applied to glass. As well as this, it's said that Samsung are struggling with blue materials as well and that this is slowing down the manufacturing process. It seems that blue is not a color Samsung gets along well with as there always seems to be reports of Samsung displays having blue tinges to them, I remember the Super AMOLED panel in my old Nexus S had a very blue-ish display.

While it's no surprise that Samsung is gearing up for production of their next flagship it is surprising that they seem willing to skate so close to the lines of the Galaxy Note when it comes to the screen's size. While the Note line is a lot more than just a phone with a large screen, it's certainly it's most unique selling point, sure, the S-Pen and the suite of apps are great but how many users will buy the phone for that? If the Galaxy S IV is to come with a 5" display then I really have to wonder what Samsung would do with the Galaxy Note III, although, that's so far off now it's better to not think about it we suppose.

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