Samsung Stress Test Video Will Brighten Your Day

Just to be clear, the video below is NOT showing scenes of graphic robot-on-robot rape. My Korean is a little rusty and I was confused at first. What this video is showing is the process that Samsung goes through to test the durability and longevity of its products. There are a million little details like how flexible a screen is, how many times a button can be pressed before it stops working, or how much weight a phone can hold before it breaks, that none of us ever think of unless something goes wrong.

Imagine the work that goes into figuring out how many pounds of pressure the average finger puts on a button, then designing and building a machine like the one shown around 1:00 in this video. We wouldn't ever think about any of that, unless the buttons on our brand new Samsung smartphone were to stop working after a month. Then we would have a serious issue.

If you need something to brighten your Monday, check out what I'm assuming is called a 'butt machine' being used at 1:28. Again, it might seem silly to us, but lots of people keep their phone in their back pocket, and if everyone's new Galaxy S III were to snap like a fresh carrot the first time they sat down on it, Samsung would stand to lose millions

Also, be sure to check out what must be a scratch test being performed at 2:03. At first I thought I was seeing a new smart phone being mixed into a delicious batter of white chocolate chips, but if you've ever gotten a giant scratch across your beautiful new screen, the data collected from this type of test is invaluable to the people at Samsung who are designing new coatings and materials for the next generation of smartphones.

My favorite part of this video is watching an ambitious Galaxy S III audition for a shampoo commercial at 2:29 and 3:22. It makes me imagine that this one Galaxy S III wants to be so much more than just a smart phone. He dreams of making it big in New York as an actor or model, and he finally got his big break in this commercial for a new brand of hair conditioner. But sadly, his lack of hair, and the fact that he is in high demand, forced him to take the midnight train back to Korea to take his place under the butt machine for 12 hours a day. Dream big, little Galaxy... your day will come.

On a more serious note, thank you to the unsung heroes slaving away in R&D labs like this one at companies all over the world. Your strange, terrifying jobs make all of our lives easier.

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