Samsung has to Think Twice About the Galaxy S4's Screen Size

Samsung galaxy s2 vs galaxy s3

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been hearing rumors regarding the next Samsung flagship phone, Galaxy S4. With the high success rate of Galaxy S3, the Android world has its eyes on the Next iteration of Galaxy S line-up. There are lot of expectations from the Galaxy S4 but the recent rumors regarding the screen size are rather disappointing. We already know that Samsung has started a new “Phablet” trend with its Galaxy Note series but according to recent rumors about the Galaxy S4, it is being speculated that Samsung will up the screen size from Galaxy S3’s 4.7″ screen to 5″.

Now, this is just an assumption but still Android fans have started wars all over the Interweb stating that they will never buy the Galaxy S4 if it comes with a 5″ or bigger display. We understand the reasons, nobody wants to buy a phone that hardly fits in their pockets let alone their hands. So, if Samsung wants to make the next Galaxy flagship as successful as its predecessors then it should think twice about the Screen size as it is the most prominent feature of any device. Personally, I prefer 4.5″ – 4.7″ displays anything smaller or bigger than these numbers is just a simple no for me. Everybody has different opinions but 4.7″ seems the ideal display size for the majority of Android users.

We still have no confirmation regarding the specs or release date of the Galaxy S4 yet but we’re sure that leaked images and specs will start surfacing pretty soon. We’ve already seen an alleged leaked image of the phone with 3GB of RAM. Samsung might unveil the next Galaxy in March/April as February will be all taken up by the Mobile World Congress 2013 that’s scheduled from 25-28th of February.

What is your ideal screen size on a phone? Do you think there’s a limit to the screen sizes on smartphones or should Manufacturers opt for the bigger display with each new device?