Samsung for Enterprise Introduces SAFE: RIM's New Competition



In the business world, smartphones are becoming more and more useful in the workforce. However, security seems to be a pressing issue with many employers, whether it be smartphones or tablets. Today Samsung has answered that call and given a NEW audience  the solution they desire!  Just not too long ago they released a program called SAFE in Europe. SAFE was also released in the US around June when the Samsung SIII was released, but it's not widely known yet.


SAFE will provide "certified security features," and make them "standardized across devices." What does this do? It gives those in the Enterprise world a "safe and reliable" environment to work with.  Businesses want to be able to use the advancing technology, but security holes hold them back and when it comes to Enterprises, security is EVERYTHING! SAFE is going to alleviate these worries and fears.

SAFE features:

  • SAFE-approved applications for corporate data and e-mail
  • On-device encryption
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Mobile Device Management

The SAFE program then has 3 "key pillars:"

  1. SAFE Platform
  2. SAFE Partner Program
  3. SAFE Quality Assurance
The only other company who has incorpated programs like SAFE is RIM,  and since RIM is pretty much going down the drain, this will give the Enterprise world a better and reliable solution and allow them to advance from the Blackberry world.
So, what things will SAFE provide Enterprises?

Mobile Device Managment

With SAFE Enterprises will have a great way to manage the devices they need for their corporations! Who doesn't enjoy easy managment tools that push out IT enforced policies?  The way Samsung does their mobile device management (MDM) is by partnering with several third party providers who deal strictly with MDM.  Features will include:

  • Central support management that is "Desktop Like."
  • Ability to configure and update settings "wirelessly."
  • IT "like" policies that  monitor and enforce compliance.
  • "Control access" that allows access to app stores including installing and removing apps "silently."
  • Ability to enable/disable features like: WiFi, Bluetooth, Data Roaming, and Micropohone.
Seems like a pretty well organized feature that Enterprises need and want, especially as new technology  advances. SAFE will give them such a wider range of options.

On Device Encryption

Want to make sure your employees or outsiders aren't abusing your devices? No problem! SAFE makes it so no "unathuroized access" is allowed unless you say so! What do they have in place for this? A 256 bit encryption standard is used just for this purpose! In order to keep these standards in place, SAFE utilizes:

  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync IT Policy
  • Mobile Device Management IT Policy
  • Manually on the Device – Requires Android 3.1 or higher
SAFE also utilizes a Virtual Private Network, which helps secure ways for their users to access their corporate e-mail, network resources, and software applications. There is so much more that SAFE provides, but we only touched on a few.
Now I'm not one for much knowledge in corporate things, but from my research and understanding Samsung has definitely taken on a winning market here! It looks like this could be the last leg that kills RIM.
Do you think Samsung's SAFE will outshine RIM and put them under finally? Do you think Enterprise corporations will be quick to make the switch from RIM to Samsung's SAFE?
Sources: Value Walk / Samsung




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