Rogers Holding Back Its Jelly Beans Until “Early December”

November 22, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

When it comes to the Galaxy S III, Samsung have done a reasonably good job of getting updates out of the door and have beaten HTC to the punch on both the One X and the One S. While the One X+ might be launching with Jelly Bean two of their phones that came out before the S III are still on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. After the fiasco that Samsung caused by not upgrading the original Galaxy S to ICS they seem to be willing to make amends and have shown that they can indeed bring updates to their devices in a timely fashion. The rollout of the Jelly Bean update – bringing the flagship phone to 4.1.1 – has been completed in Europe and on certain carriers in the US. Making Sammy the first manufacturer outside of Google to update their phone.

While it might not be surprising, the update on Rogers over in Canada, has now been pushed back to “early December”, it was pegged for “late November” but Rogers have since changed that and have now pushed it back. It’s pretty disappointing to see Rogers pull a move like this, after all, what do they need to do with the update before they push it out? Samsung have already released it in a number of different parts around the globe, making me wonder whether or not Rogers has simply fallen behind with testing or perhaps there is a bug with the firmware. Which would be believable but, there hasn’t been reports of terrible updates from other carriers.

It’s one thing having to pay more for the phone on a longer contract but to wait longer for a big update is just icing on the cake, it’s a real shame that it’s going to take Rogers so long to get the update out but, it’s at least on its way and if they are doing further testing – they’ve not said why the update has been postponed – it should result in a smoother update process for users. Are you waiting for the update on Rogers or did you give up a while ago and install CyanogenMod?