Rage of Bahamut Creators Like Developing for Android First

If you talk to developers about creating new apps for the iOS platform or Android, you'll get a variety of answers and preferences. Certainly among that mix, you'll hear a fair talk about developing for iPads and iPhones first because compatibility issues are simpler.

But not everyone shares this preference.

Top-grossing game producer Mobage is certainly one that is able to make the most of the Android platform.

DeNA president Isao Moriyasu spoke on the process of working with Android:

"When we release games on the Android platform, there is no evaluation of the games. If we have to ask for approval from the market every time we make a change, it slows down our pace of making improvements, and this can lead to very long tuning times. That's why we wanted to focus on Android first because we can move things forward more quickly."

No evaluation? Isn't that bad?

Yes and no. It's bad for the developers who clearly don't know what they're doing (and bad for those unfortunate enough to download the app), but Google Play reviews usually show poor-performing apps for what they are.

On the other hand, the developers who are adept can quickly innovate and respond to the desires of the market. Mobage, developers of Rage of Bahamut, Blood Brothers, Ninja Royale, Marvel: War of Heroes, and more, clearly understands what gamers want and is able to deliver it on a regular basis -- and not just on Android.

The social game maker has topped charts for highest grossing game on both the Play Store and iTunes through its use of "Moba-coin" or in-app purchases. In fact, DeNA - the Japanese company behind Mobage - reported Moba-coin purchases of $30 million in the West. What's more, the company expects to hit $60 million in this quarter.

That's a lot of virtual coin.

Mobage serves up several freemium-model games, where players can use the app but may will need to pay in order to get the best upgrades in a timely manner. It works well for impatient gamers (did I just write the same word twice?), and it works extremely well for developers.

Sources: Android Authority, Technology Tell

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