Play Store Orders of Nexus 4s Starting to Arrive In Europe


Tuesday's launch of the new Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 wasn't exactly one of Google's finest moments when it came to the web, they've been dealing with more and more traffic when it comes to search and GMail year after year and these services never falter. When it came to the Play Store though, it looks like Google didn't quite prepare their servers for the insane amount of traffic. When the Play Store opened up for orders in Europe and Australia, things weren't looking too good for those looking to get their hands one of the new Nexus devices. There were server errors all over the place and Google Wallet starting acting up as well.

When it came to the launch in the US, things were no different, in fact, it was probably a little worse. The same server errors that happened hours before in the Old Continent were happening again and this time things got a little worrisome for those looking to buy one. It looks like a lot of people did get their hands on one but it was certainly not a fine showing for Google.

Those in Europe might have some celebrating to do though, as there are reports that devices are already being shipped out to those who ordered them on Tuesday. In some cases, they've already arrived which means that YouTube could become an awful lot more crowded in the next few days. If you're in Europe and you've gotten your hands on a Nexus 4 or maybe even a Nexus 10, drop us a line in the comments! For those of you in the States if you've had confirmation of your order and a dispatch notice we want to hear from you as well as all those that didn't get a look in thanks to Google's snafu with their ordering system.


It seems that Google had the best of intentions here if device are already on their way out to people and some already in the hands of customers. The fact is though, that Google could have done a whole lot better when it comes to launching two new flagship products that are supposed to show off Android at its best.


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