Planning on Buying the Nexus 4 Or Nexus 10? Expect an Immediate Update

November 12, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner


I know you all are chomping at the bit and waiting for that midnight timeframe to roll around as you all anixously refresh your web browsers waiting for the chance to buy the beloved Nexus’ devices and for good reason! The hot devices have already been available to Australia and sold out in a matter of 40 minutes, so be on your guard! We have a new special treat for all you who are able to get the Nexus devices into your hands, and that is a final 4.2 update!

That’s right my friends, you power on your device, and you will be immeadiately prompted to update to the latest version of 4.2. This will bring the following two features to your devices:

  • Lock screen widgets
  • Multi-User Support (Nexus 10)



How exciting for those who will be fortunate enough to get a Nexus device! You should all be excited right? I know the mere fact of being able to physically test these new features pumps my adrenaline, even though I think we have just about talked these features ‘to death.’

The lock screen widgets enables users to see “their calendar, email, music, and quickly open the camera.”

The new update sporting the features have just rolled out to sites or people who were lucky enough to get review devices, so it can only mean one thing?  A drop code could be coming soon!

Stay tuned as these new features are digged through and tested! Google is just wonderful, don’t you agree?

Sources: Android Central / 9 to 5 Google