Phone Wars: Motorola DROID RAZR HD VS Samsung Galaxy S3

Are you ready for another Phone War? Well whether you're ready or not, here's another one for you. This time we're putting up the new DROID RAZR HD from Verizon up against the Samsung Galaxy S3. In this particular war, we'll be comparing the US variant of the Galaxy S3, since the DROID RAZR HD (RAZR HD) is basically only available in LTE markets. We've got a kevlar backed, dual-core processor with an impressive sized battery up against a dual-core processor with 2GB of RAM. Who's going to win the war? Well let's get it started so we can find out.



The DROID name has come such a long way since the Original Motorola Droid back in 2009, hasn't it? Last year when Motorola introduced the original DROID RAZR, it shocked the world with it's thinness and the kevlar on the back. Although it also shocked everyone by how bad the battery was on LTE. So then a few months later the DROID RAZR MAXX came out. Featuring 32 hours of talk time, on a 3300mAh battery. Now fast forward to September 2012, the successors to the DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX are announced. With a slightly updated design, running Android 4.0, and the same kevlar backing and non-removable batteries.


  • Huge 2530mAh battery should last you all day long on Verizon's draining 4G LTE network.
  • On-screen buttons; very few manufacturers have actually started implementing these, but Motorola has
  • Small Manufacturers skin; Motorola's skin has been revamped completely in Android 4.0, it's almost stock Android, which will make many of us pure Android fans happy


  • Non-removable battery; while it's a large battery, it's still not removable so you can't just pop another one in there.
  • RAZR MAXX HD; why? Motorola could have made one device instead of two. The MAXX HD only has about 800mAh more in it's battery than the RAZR HD. Doesn't make much sense
  • Old Android; It's stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich until Motorola gets around to updating it. After what we saw with the Bionic, and Atrix 2, that might take a while

Samsung Galaxy S3

The beast! The Galaxy S3. In the US, our variant is a dual-core with 2GB of RAM, which is kind of the opposite of the international version. But it's still a beast. The 2GB of RAM goes a long way in multi-tasking on this thing. Along with the tweaks brought into the OS from Touchwiz, this is a great device to have on Verizon's LTE network, especially if you're lucky enough to have unlimited data.


  • Big and Beautiful; 4.8-inch display at 720p, but it is still pentile technology
  • Removable battery and expandable storage
  • Touchwiz is much better and more efficient than on older Samsung phones (i.e. Galaxy S2, Original Galaxy S)


  • Smaller battery than the RAZR HD
  • Android Purists will hate Touchwiz


Given Motorola's recent reputation (and yes I know they are changing that), I'd have to go out on a limb and say the Galaxy S3 is the winner. Sure it has the same processor, same connectivity for the most part, and the same screen technology with it being 0.1" difference between the two. But Samsung is a much bigger manufacturer now. They've sold 30 million Galaxy S3's in about 5 months. And they are starting to bring Android 4.1 - Jelly Bean to all the variants of the Galaxy S3. So if you have the choice between these two, go with the Galaxy S3, you'll love it!

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