Now Presenting the Android Buying Guide for 2012!


The holiday season presents us with two potentially hazardous situations:

  • Giving gifts
  • Receiving gifts

On the surface, there doesn't seem to be much danger there, but let's think through it. Have you ever given the wrong gift to someone? I'm not talking about an "okay" gift. I'm talking about a gift that just completely did not fit the personality of the person you bought the gift for. You went out on a limb and tried something, and it just didn't work.


Not fun. Certainly not a great way to kick off the holidays.

Or, have you received a gift that you just absolutely hated? Come on, be honest. You're looking at that thing and trying to figure out how on earth you're going to spin this so that you can show appreciation to an obviously well-meaning individual, but you just can't find the words.

Again, not fun.


Android Headlines Is Here for You

This year, avoid both situations with our 2012 Android Buying Guide. We've created a comprehensive resource that will help you find the perfect gift. We've got the top 10 phones, the top tablets, the top accessories, and we've even pulled together some lists according to your shopping budget needs. Find cool accessories under $25, $50, and $100 for stocking stuffers or amazing gifts.

Seriously, my wish list grew exponentially after looking through all of these guides. It's easier to keep up-to-date on what phones and tablets are on the market, but I had no idea how many cool accessories were out there. It's not just screen protectors and cases. We found cool headphones (wired and wireless), speaker docks for your phone, adapters so your stereo can play the music from your Android device, and all kinds of other fun stuff.

Hop on over to the guides and take a look. Find a great gift for the Android junkie in your life, or, make shopping easier on your family by pointing them to a great resource.


Let's get through the holidays with a little less drama this year. (At least we can try.)