Nexus 7 Docking Station Discovered: Will Become Available Early December!


Thanks to our good friends at Android Central we have some news about a Nexus 7 docking station. A fellow listener that was listening to their 117th podcast show was able to provide them with some excellent hints on the Nexus 7 topic they were discussing.  They received some "Intel" that brought them to a Japanese ASUS site. What did they find? It would appear to be a "landscape audio dock for the 7 inch tablet," which is said to come early December. That is pretty awesome!

Image Source: Android Central

When you actually visit the Japanese site, at first you are going to be confused because of course, it's all in Japanese, but as you start to scroll, you'll note the keywords "Nexus 7 Accessory." Now again, you can't really understand it, but when you have Google Translate, there isn't much you can't understand. Again, it's a landscape docking station that is only for the Nexus 7 currently. It consists of:

  • 3.5mm Audio Output Terminal
  • Micro USB Connector
  • It's about 3, 480 yen ($42.21 US)

The docking station will be taking advantage of the pogo pins, which will make for smooth transitions to putting the tablet in and out of the dock.


Definitely not bad, at least in my eyes. Considering when the Galaxy Nexus got a docking station, it was first priced pretty darn high, which is why I never bought one. So this folks is definitely exciting news!

It also says it should be available the beginning of December for purchase. Well that's awesome right? Makes for a good Christmas present to that special someone.

It doesn't specify if just anyone will be able to purchase this product, and who knows if it will be available to those in the US. However, It would look like the folks over at Android Central are lining up to buy come that time, so if anyone else is interested here's your chance. Make sure you get in line because once the news travels that it is indeed available it just might sell out as fast as the Nexus 4 devices did!


What do you guys think about a docking station for Nexus 7 device? Will this news make your day?

Sources: Android Central

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