Nexus 4 Has Purple Lens Flare Too; Dealbreaker?


When we heard that the iPhone 5 was experiencing a strange sort of lens flare when taking a picture with bright lights it in we were a littl surprised to see that Apple had shipped such a phone. Especially when you consider that they are, in fact, the inventors of everything. However, the lens flare was actually acknowledged by Cupertino as being "normal behavior" for the camera and that it was down to the Sapphire coated glass on the lens that would cause light to appear differently after passing through it. Whatever the cause, it's got to be an annoyance for those out there that use the cameras on their phone a whole lot.

Now, it's starting to look like the Nexus 4 might be experiencing the same issue. As Nexus 4s finally make their way into the hands of those that managed to order them people are beginning to notice a purple flare coming from lights. As one, Chris Prillo,  Google+ user points out through the use of Photo Sphere:


It's certainly something that is a problem and we wonder whether or not there's anything that Google or LG can do to fix it, after all, Apple couldn't do anything about it. The problem extends a little further when it comes to the iPhone 5 as often bright scenes will come out with a sort of faint purple tinge across them and we certainly hope that the Nexus 4 doesn't start displaying the same. It's a shame that something like this has happened but, I think what it comes down to is this going to change your mind on the Nexus 4 or make you regret your purchase? For instance there's a lot more to the Nexus 4 than its camera and the quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro is a CPU to be reckoned with but, is a camera more important than anything else on a phone these days?

Interestingly enough though, throughout all of the reviews we didn't hear of such a problem and as such, we hope that it's isolated to only a certain group of Nexus 4s however, I wish that LG would maybe change the glass used in the camera lens, I guess we can hope, right?

[Source: Phone Arena]

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