Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 Selling Out All Over The World; UK Sells Out in 30 Minutes

There's no doubt about it that this wave of Nexus devices has been the most anticipated yet, with a fantastic new smartphone from LG at a brilliant price and a new, 10" tablet packing top-of-the-line specs at a brilliant price, too. There's little more that you could want then, right? Well, except maybe getting your hands on them of course. Those of you in the US have been patiently waiting for quite some time now and while other parts of the world have gotten their chance, you continue to wait. Depending on your outlook, the news that the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10 are selling out all over the world could be either good or bad. There's of course the worry that Google might not have enough to go around and that the States will be left out of it all but, on the other hand it certainly means that these new Nexus devices are very popular indeed.

The Nexus 4 sold out in both models, 8 and 16GB, in just 30 minutes in the UK. That's insane. It does, however, raise the question of how many units LG and Google have for each region they're launching in after all, this time around Google are launching these devices in more regions than they have before. Having said that, this is nothing to be scoffed at, to be hit with such success after such a short time in one of their biggest markets. We wonder how quick the Nexus 4 will sell out across the entire US? Anybody a betting man?

When it comes to the Nexus 10 it's clear that this has sold out as well, with only the 16GB model still in stock which is pretty interesting because it's been on sale for quite a few hours now and the 16GB is still very much available for purchase. Does this mean that the 32GB model has sold far more than the 16GB model or have they not produced as many of them?

Down under in Australia, it's more of the same with both the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10 being sold out already.

It's starting to look like Google may have bitten off more than it can chew here, with the UK Play Store experiencing "server errors" as the Store no doubt buckled under the immediate spike in traffic. I noticed this as I was reporting on it earlier on and I wasn't even trying to buy one but, now it looks like I'll have to wait a while to see when they're back in stock. With no official word from Google on when these devices will come back into stock in these regions it's hard to tell just how long people will be waiting for. The start of sales has been confirmed for 9AM PST and we'll be here to bring you all the news and possibly time how quick they go out of stock in the States. Once again, stay sharp and be quick out there folks!

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