New Malware Report Released; How Much Can We Trust Security Companies?

F-Secure released a new Mobile Threat Report for Q3 of 2012. However, this report raises a lot of questions, even makes you wonder how smudged they might be making these numbers.

F-Secure says that,

"a whopping 51,447 unique samples detected in the third quarter"

They then go on to try to make Google's Bouncer look pointless, by linking that this was even after it was introduced. Going even further they said that Google's claim that the bouncer reduced malware in the store by 40% was "somewhat unlikely".

Although the numbers might be scary coming from a security company. You are left asking a lot of questions after reading this report.

The first question that always seems to be on everyone's mind is, "What sources are you getting these numbers from, and how many are getting downloaded?" As with these reports they never tell you how they are finding the viruses, if they are getting them from the Google Play Store, or how many phones are actually effected with them. They are mostly on a scare mission to get you to download their, or their partner's Anti-Malware app.

Next while reading the report they mark an application as an SMSSpy, now this "Malware" can be tricky because a user must accept the permissions before downloading an app, there they can see that the app wants to read and send text messages. However they also don't list what qualifies as this virus as many apps including Siftkey, a Keyboard app that, with your approval, will read your text to pick up on your writing style to work better with you. Leading you to wonder how many non-malware apps could be included in this list?

On top of all of this they don't even list the region these viruses are being found in. All this goes to show that companies like F-Secure are into only one thing. Making sure you have all the bad news, but none of the important details that could really keep you safe. One Google Plus user stated that, "It's like putting out a report from a cocaine dealer that states doing cocaine increases your IQ."

Do you use an Anti-Malware app on your phone? Have you ever gotten Malware before? Let us know in the comments below!

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