Music and Movies to hit Google TV Outside of The US

Google TV is somewhat of an enigma, there are a great many people that love it and couldn't live without it but there are so many more out there that haven't even heard of it or are just fine and happy with the box that their cable provider has given them. This is in part to Google not putting their full weight behind the product as we can all see what Google can do when they put their back into it. Just take the Nexus 7 for instance, Android tablets aren't especially popular but with the Nexus 7 Google buckled up and put their weight behind it. Now it's one of the most popular tablets in the world. It's important that Google decided to send the Nexus 7 on a world tour as well because as big as the US is, one market alone is not going to make something popular.

This is why the recent news that Google will be rolling out Movies and Music within Google TV to those outside the US is good news. The two services will be added to the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada and Australia. Which is anything but a good thing after all, the more people that use such a service, the bigger and better the service will become. There's no telling what Google TV could become if it really took off on an international level. It's a real shame then that Google aren't putting a whole lot behind the product as if they were, it would surely take off.

Only a handful of companies have tired their hand at releasing hardware for Google TV and none of them have been that successful, aside from perhaps the Vizio co-star that seems to be constantly out of stock. Another telling sign then, that Google isn't doing enough because, I'm convinced that a company like Vizio could make more units than there is demand.

I'm curious to hear what you have to say, is there something that you'd like to see Google do to make Google TV more popular or are you in one of these regions that's been waiting for these services to come to you?

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