Multiple Nexus Phones: Brilliant Move or Disastrous?



Before the official Nexus devices were leaked we had several "rumors" going around that there would possibly be several Nexus devices. Even though we all knew the possibility of that would be slim to none, I think we all harbored some type of secret hope did we not? We had the rumored Sony Nexus X, there was rumors about a HTC device, and even a Motorola possible Nexus. Again, I think we all wished that this rumor would have held some truth to it.  If Google had decided to do a multiple release of devices, what about it would have made it great? What about it would have made it 'disastrous?'



Yes – Multiple Nexus Phones Equals Awesomeness!

When it comes down to the LG Nexus 4 there are many among the Android community who are "stoked" about it, but it did take quite a few to adjust to the thought, and it wasn't until the device was almost released for positive expressions to come forward.  Don't get me wrong, there still is mixed reviews out there, and I will fully admit I am one of those people.

There are just so many parts of the LG Nexus 4 that seem to not sit right with some Android lovers out there. It bares a similar design to the Galaxy Nexus, no LTE, and being almost fully encased in Gorilla glass has turned a lot of users completely off, yet because it's a Google Nexus device so they still crave it.


Would it have been a better choice to have the options of a "Kevlar-coated Motorola phone," a "polycarbonate beauty from HTC," or a "quad-core hyper glazed powerhouse from Samsung?" Would our world of Android love and Google Nexus  have been better?

Had this actually happened it has been said that the choices could have potentially meant every families need. With the wide range of Nexus devices there would have been something for everyone! However, we just get the one mobile device, and two tablets and this is the way the Nexus program works, and as much as some of us may have wished for multiple Nexus devices, this is what we have to work with it.

Yet, there is also another side to this story. It's the side that having multiple devices would have been purely "Asinine."



No – Multiple Nexus Devices Spells Chaos and Disaster

The example provided for this is that of "Brand dilution." With so many devices, the "hype" of the brand suddenly starts to "dilute" and then dies off. With so many devices already out there, would throwing in a year of 5 Nexus devices be smart? Wouldn't it make it even more difficult for users and manufacturers?

Michael Fisher, writer for Pocket Now wrote:


 "The Galaxy brand … hasn't blanketed the entirety of Samsung's Android lineup, but it's certainly not confined to the high-end anymore. There's even confusion at the homepage, whose 163 listed phones are a mix of devices both Galaxy-branded and not. And that's not even taking into account the tablet situation. Oh, and there's now a media player thrown into the mix, as well as a camera. It's a mess …

In a world full of mega-brands, sub-brands, and hybrid brands, confusion is the enemy. In the competition-on-steroids environment of mobile technology, it can be fatal."

I have to admit that Michael is right, it tends to be a bit of a mess when you try to discuss the already "many Nexus" devices out there, that having 5 in one year would just really throw a wedge into things.  Multiple devices would have "forced" Google to "market, sell, and support a much more complex product portfolio." This is true my fellow friends, as much as I was rooting for multiple Nexus devices, it would have been the most disastrous path to take.


Even though I agree with this logic and reasoning, I still secretly wish for AT LEAST another Nexus device, but I know it's only wishful thinking, and I just may have to wait for my next dream device. How does the Android Community feel? Do you think what Google released was indeed the right choice, or do you think multiple Nexus devices would have been better?


Source: Pocket Now


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