Multi-user Accounts on the Nexus 10 and Jelly Bean 4.2


There's something that I'm sure a lot of us would really like to do with out Android tablets – share it. There's always been a bit of contention amongst a family when sharing a Laptop or a Tablet, it's never easy. Everybody has their own desktop and homescreens making it that little bit extra difficult for you to get to what you and want and before you know it, the kids have gone and completed every level on Angry Birds and stripped you of your pride.

No more though, as user accounts has just been pushed to the review units of the Nexus 10 that are out their in the wild and over at Android Central they've been able to test it out. There's been no word on what the user account interface might look like but, now we know. To set up a new user it's real simple as there's now a "Users" entry added to the Settings menu in which you can add a new user. The first user that signs in to the device becomes the owner of the tablet and you're the one that will be able to add and remove users. When it comes to accessing the new user it's a simple matter of selecting the different user from the lockscreen and then unlocking the tablet – if you have a Google+ account then your photo will appear here.

Interesting to note is that if you want down want the kids or your friends to take a look through your stuff then you can assign a key pattern to a user, making it that little bit easier to keep a hold of your GMail and Google+ shenanigans.


Jerry from Android Central has been lucky enough to get his hands on the Nexus 10 and goes through it really quickly below:

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