Motorola Droid RAZR HD Screen Issues – Reboot for Fix

razr hd screen distortion e1352475065102

Having trouble with your RAZR HD's screen? You're not alone. In the month since the phones release there have been very few complaints from users, but one potentially annoying issue has started making the rounds. Some users are reporting a screen issue that's annoying at best and worrying for many.

So you pull your RAZR HD out of your pocket to make a phone call, and when you wake up the phone you're greeted with a washed out screen and color distortion. The first time this happens you have a minor heart attack and immediately try rebooting. It's a good thing too, because apparently that is the only known fix for this issue. Upon reboot the phone appears to function fine, until the next random attack of distortion.

The second or third time this issue crops up you may start thinking about how annoying it is to have to reboot your device every few days, or even hours for some users. It doesn't appear to be a permanent problem, nor one that interferes with the operation of the device, except for the time spent rebooting.

There also doesn't seem to be any pattern emerging yet as to the cause of the problem, and nothing in particular seems to set off the problem except for coming out of standby mode. Users are venting their frustration on Twitter and other social media, but there has yet to be a statement from Verizon or Motorola regarding this issue. It's also unknown whether Verizon will warranty devices that are suffering from this problem.