MOGA Android Controller Now Up for Sale at AT&T Stores

MOGA controller reupload 8483

Everybody loves gaming on their smartphone. With the advent of powerful devices that give you the horse-power to run graphic-intensive games on your phone/tablet one needs a perfect controller to get the console-like experience on their mobile device. Touch controls are good but can be annoying sometimes specially for games that require Dual-Analog controls. This is where bluetooth controllers come in, in this case PowerA’s MOGA controller – that offers the best gaming controls you’ll ever find on Android.

The MOGA controller has been up for sale at several retailers following the past couple of weeks and now the controller is also available at AT&T stores across the nation. You can get the complete MOGA mobile gaming system for Android at a pretty reasonable price of $49.99. The controller is compatible with phones and tablets running Android 2.3+. Keep in mind that the built-in clip in the controller can only be used to hold a smartphone, attaching a tablet may not be so practical.

For $49.99, you’ll get a free soft case for carrying purpose, a free download copy of Sonic CD, in addition to the controller itself. The controller requires Two AAA batteries to operate and unfortunately those aren’t included in the package. This is a must have for gamers who don’t want to settle with Touch-controls and want the full console-like gaming experience on their device. Check out the official ad for the MOGA controller to get an idea how the controller works.