LG Pricing the Nexus 4 Higher than Google Play Store: Will This End their Standing with Google?

November 4, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner

It was shocking and exciting to everyone at how cheap Google was selling the Nexus 4! Areas like the US and parts of Europe and Asia get to enjoy a high-end device for an affordable price. So, what about those places not in the US and Europe? It has been ‘rumored’ that LG plans on pricing the Nexus 4 at a much higher price which is truly sad to hear, and I’m afraid that if they were to make such an act what it will do with their partnership with Google.

How much are they planning on selling the Nexus 4? Countries like Italy will have a price of €599 or $768 in USD. That’s $469 MORE that they would have to pay than us! That’s outrageous!! How can Google stand by and watch such a huge price jump happen?

Spain and India? 34K or 35K which is about $650 USD. Still OUTRAGEOUS!! Am I right? That’s insane, why is LG planning on charging so much money for a device that isn’t meant to be so high?!

This pricing LG is inducing can’t be good for their partnership with Google. It’s even starting to affect retailers like Phone House, who have decided NOT to support the device due to such high pricing! I really was hoping LG would be the manufacturer who does Google and the Nexus line right, but it would seem that they are truly taking advantage of the Google Nexus name, and using it to please their greed. It’s just disappointing if it ends up to hold true.

There’s been no official word on the matter from LG or Google, but if it is true, you can be certain more news will follow.  Do you feel a sense of disappointment as I do? What do you think this will do to the relationship LG just formed with Google?


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