Letter From The Editor; Say Hello to the New AndroidHeadlines.com


Here at Android Headlines, we're always working to bring you the best Android coverage possible. We all love Android and we understand that it's something that people want to know about and to read about. That's why we strive to bring you the best coverage we can, you might find that we don't cover absolutely everything when it comes to Android news. This is because we're looking to bring you the most important and most detailed Android coverage that we can. At Android Headlines we understand our audience, that it's primarily based in the good ol' US of A however, we're getting growing attention from International Readers and we haven't forgotten about you, as the "man from England" on Staff, your Assistant Editor has all our readers in mind.

As you might have noticed, the site looks a little well, a lot different. This is because we've gone through another redesign here, we've worked hard on the design and want to make sure that we can be the best looking site out there! We've given more focus to our regular features and the latest content will be right in front of you when you load the site, thanks to the awesome new slider we've installed. The new Android Headlines might look a lot different but, underneath it all, it still acts the same. This is because we know that familiarity is very important when it comes to design and if you're not familiar with something, you're not necessarily going to like it. We're open to all feedback when it comes to the new design and really want to know what you all think of it but we hope you love the fresh new clean design.


This isn't the first change that we've undergone in the last few months, earlier in the year we stopped syndicating news from around the web and doubled-down on our content, our own opinions and our own knowledge. It's been a successful change and we're really happy with it of course, there's always room for improvement and when it comes to the content we cover, we want to hear from you about you like and more importantly, what you don't like.

Android Headlines has been around for near 4 years now and while we might have undergone a number of changes there, a facelift or two here, two things remain the same: we're not going anywhere and we're on the up and up. We have a solid team of writers here at AH and will continue to deliver quality content. Since I've become Assistant Editor I've become immensely proud of the staff here and of the work they do, if you thought the site was getting good, just you wait, we're only going to get better.

Lastly we would like to thank our loyal readers and fans that has made this site what it is today without you we would not be were we are today, so a big thank you to all of you!


Oh, did I mention that Disqus is our new comments system?

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For years now I've had a heavy interest in technology, growing up with 8-bit computers and gaming consoles has fed into an addiction to everything that beeps. Android saved me from the boredom of iOS years ago and I love watching the platform grow. As an avid reader and writer nothing pleases me more than to write about the exciting world of Android, Google and mobile technology as a whole.

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