It Looks Like Microsoft Have Their own "Glass" In the Works


Google's Project Glass has enjoyed some positive coverage in the media and a lot of us are looking to seeing just what is going to come of the technology when it's finally ready to ship to Developers next year. There's been a lot of speculation around what the User Interface will be like when it finally hits the market. Google have been  pretty coy when it comes to their Project Glass and shown little of it off. Whilst we've seen a number of execs from Google wear the device and even skydive wearing a pair, details are still light when it comes to what you'll be able to do with them and what it'll be like to use them.

Microsoft are now looking to bring something like this to the market or, so would a patent application have us believe. The interesting thing here is that Microsoft seem to be taking a different approach to Google and it seems more focused on content rather than user experience. Think more Xbox Smartglass inside a set of 3D Glasses than something Google will be putting in front of your eyes. It's not surprising that Microsoft are looking to compete with Google in this space, they're already competing with them when it comes to Search, the living room and now mobile operating systems with Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.


Microsoft would be present you with a mixture of augmented reality and computing to bring you companion content to whatever it is you're watching on the TV or even at events like sports games. Something like this could be the next step that Microsoft are looking to take in the living room, with Smartglass they've showed that they want to bring as much content yo users as they possibly can and with super 3D glasses like these they might be able to do it better than ever.

So, what do you think about wearable computing, is it something that could have real-world uses or is it destined for expanding upon the content already available like Microsoft want.


[Source: Unwired View]

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