HTC's Droid DNA May Be Going Global With the HTC Deluxe


HTC have a strong history in the states for bringing great devices to the States under the Droid banner and bring the odd EVO to Sprint as well. However, in Europe the company is known for bringing its own unadulterated versions of their phones, there are no EVO 4G LTE versions of the One X here and the Droid name is nowhere to be seen. This is something that I, as a Brit, have loved about HTC for a long time, when there's no need to mess with their recipe, they don't. It's this that led me to some disappointment over the announcement of the Droid DNA, with its stunning 5-inch display and a whole trunk of features it's one hell of a phone and I'm sure I speak for a lot of Europeans when I say: "HTC, where's my Droid DNA?!" We can't be too hard on HTC as they've only just announced the device for Verizon but, for a company that hasn't had a good year at all you would think they need all the customers they can and bringing a phone like this to market will be a big help.

There's been yet another leak from the notorious leaky pipe that is @evleaks and this time around he's tweeted a press render that looks just like th Droid Dna and the HTC DLX that's been doing the rounds for some time now. The leaker simply said that it carries the name of "HTC DELUXE" and will be a "global version" of the phone. When HTC have made International Versions of their phones in the past it pretty much guarantees their service in Europe. HTC are a big name in Europe and have been bringing quality devices to market for some time now and I'm sure a lot of the time people will be looking to them for the next big thing in the mobile space.


If HTC were to bring the DLX or the Droid DNA or whatever they want to call it to Europe then they could well claw back some market share from Samsung's Galaxy Note. After all, it's no secret that a lot of people who buy a Note buy it for the screen size and not for the stylus, making HTC's big screened 1080p monster an appealing option. I sincerely hope they do bring the device to Europe and the UK in particular as I've been holding off on a Nexus 4 for this very phone. C'mon HTC, you can make it happen.

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