HTC'S Droid DNA Features Rear Notification LED


Whenever a new device gets released there's always a lot about it that we don't know but a whole lot that we wish we knew. HTC and Verizon recently kicked off the launch of their new Droid device, the Droid DNA and there's no denying that it's an impressive device packing together the latest and greatest power and tech all in one phone. It's got it all, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro and an incredible Full HD 5-inch display but, it seems that the DNA is hiding a secret from us all. If you missed the launch yesterday then allow us to refresh your memory.

On the rear of the the Droid DNA there is a weird sort of faint circle and for a long time we were wondering what it was well, now, thanks to Android Central who are lucky enough to have the device, we know. It seems that thhose little dots that form a circle on the rear of the device is actually a notification light. That's right, a notification LED is under there – on the back of the phone, how cool is that? Now, I don't often put my phone face down but if it had a case on it I might be more inclined to and with this on the rear of it I'd never miss anything.

It's a pretty neat feature and definitely something that you don't see on other smartphones in this price range. How practical it is is a different matter entirely and depends upon how you use your phone. If you're somebody that need to know everything all at once then this is great and to be honest, it's just pretty cool to see it there at all. Take a look at the video from Android Central below to see it action:


[Source: Android Central]

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