HTC Droid DNA Coming Early December, Says Evleaks

HTC Droid DNA Confirmed1

Remember the Verizon-bound HTC DROID DNA? Well, who wouldn't? It is the US variant of HTC J that was recently released in Japan with an immaculate 1080p display. We have seen previous leaks that showed some images of the phone, a name change from "DLX" to "DNA" and information regarding the internals. The internals will be pretty much same as the HTC J sporting a 5" Full HD 1080p display. The DROID DNA will look almost the same as its Japanese counterpart with some slight changes.

Today, our favorite Twitter leaksters, @Evleaks have again thrown out a press image of the DROId DNA with official name and have also promised an early December release for the device. As you can see in the press shot below the device looks identical to HTC J and sports a Verizon logo on top, so finally (if the image is to be believed) the DROID DNA is a reality and will be available on Verizon's inventory from early December.

What are your thoughts on a 1080p display? Do you think 1080p display is an overkill? No? Well, experts disagree.