HTC Answers Speculations in Regards to their Agreement with Apple



Wow, that was quick! Apparently HTC doesn't seem to like the feelings of what the Android community thinks about their recent deal with the devil, oh, I mean Apple.  Mike Woodward HTC's Presidents released a statement saying:


"The Patent deal between HTC and Apple doesn't mean HTC will lessen its focus on Google's Android OS."

I am absolutely amazed at how quick and strong HTC voiced this to the publicly. The $6-$8 10 year deal definitely lead to a lot of speculation among Android lovers worldwide. It would appear that HTC wants those "speculations" to be put to rest immediately! Woodward continued to say:

"It's clearly a positive event. Anything that eliminates distractions would be positive…but our strategy is to lead in Android [and] to lead in Windows Phone."


Whoa!! Did they just release that statement publicly?! They do realize that Apple is reading right? I have to wonder what went through their minds when they saw this exact statement?

HTC definitely showed off its Android loyalty by making the Droid DNA official on Verizon Wireless today, which I have to admit looks like a hot device and definitely attracted my attention! Verizon Wireless Chief marking officer, Tami Erwin said that when it comes to HTC, they really represent "innovation and sophistication" for their company.

HTC is happier than ever to support the countless features Android offers for devices, like "Image Sense," which allows for "continuous shooting," but they also really want to elaborate those features and more with Window 8 phones as well.  With the recent Windows 8 OS  out this could be a big hit as it has great reviews for devices that have touchscreens. Notice how there isn't anything in there about working with Apple? Interesting right? Makes the brain gears turn definitely!


Their naming conventions definitely need work though, as we have the Droid DNA,  HTC J Butterfly in Japan, and possibly the HTC DLX somewhere else. Why so many names when it was HTC who wanted to do brand focusing, and have one brand? Woodward provides an answer:

"Japan's a different market. Different names are going to apply. Our partner in this case [in the U.S.] is Verizon, and we're really excited to be the leading partner in the Droid franchise."

Interesting logic Woodward has here, wouldn't you agree?  HTC is definitely hoping their "big series launches" of a Windows 8 phone, and the Droid DNA could possibly put them back on the map. Do you think HTC has the right agenda? Or do you think HTC is signing their death certificate by this method?



Source: PCmag 

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