Google's Project Glass Makes TIME's Inventions of The Year List


There's no denying that Project Glass is something that we're all looking for to and something that is going to really popular once it finds its way to market but the real strange thing about this all is that it's already extremely popular. We've seen a whole lot surrounding these magical glasses that Google are bringing to us from the future but it seems that now, the mainstream media are waking up tot the magic as well. TIME have recently included Project Glass into their list of this year's best inventions. It's no surprise but, it's certainly nice to see Google get the recognition they deserve for something truly innovative.

It's going to be a long time before we see the above video come anywhere close to reality but, I'm sure I speak for many in saying that I can't wait. The User Interface is going to be one of the most important features of Project Glass and if Google get it wrong it'll never take off – especially with that $1000 price tag. The ability to take and share photos has been one that's been touted by Google's execs and is something sure to make people think twice when buying any other tech like this. THere are countless possibilities for something like this but it's all but certain that this will involve Android in a big way after all, connecting one of these to the horsepower in the phones of today will be a real boon for getting things done and while we're not sure what the features of the Project Glass are in their entirety it's sure to be nothing short of awesome. After all, if the best way to market thing is to do this, then it's got to be pretty cool:


I'm interested to hear what you would use Project Glass for and what you'd like to see from the technology when we finally see it in the year to come so, drop us a comment!

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