Google’s Niantic Project: What is it? Google Invites you to come along and Investigate

November 8, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Since November started, Google has been working on a viral campaign which is asking “what is the Niantic Project?” And Google wants you to join this investigation. Most people are thinking the Niantic Project is just an Augmented Reality Game (ARG), which would be interesting and make a whole lot of sense. But what else is interesting is Google’s new Field Trip app. It’s described as “your guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you”, it was also developed by [email protected]. At least according to the Play Store description page.

But it appears the name goes beyond just a group of people at Google. It also goes beyond the name of the whaling vessel that brought gold seekers to San Francisco during the California Gold Rush. The Video shown below says “there’s more to the world than you can truly see”. Now it wouldn’t surprise us in the least if this turned out to be a big advert for Google’s Field Trip or something similar. If it is, awesome way to advertise it.

Now this might now be a Field Trip ad, it could also be for Google Glasses but I kind of doubt that. We still don’t know what the Niantic project is, but there is a website you can check out for more information. You can also request an App Invite from the site. So we know it’s some kind of Beta or even Alpha app that will be coming soon.

What are your thoughts on what the Niantic Project might be?