Google Will Soon Launch The Physical Google Wallet Card

google wallet card

Folks over at Android Police have gotten their hands-on some leaked images that look like screenshots of Leaked Google Wallet app. Doesn’t sound any interesting, right? Well, the interesting part is that these leaked images clearly show that Google is working on a physical Wallet card. Yes, you heard it right, a physical Wallet card that can be used as a companion to your Google Wallet app.

The physical Wallet card will work the same way any other credit/debit card does. Once you choose the default credit card to be charged in the Google Wallet app then whenever you’ll use the physical wallet card it will charge to the default card selected. It will be accepted everywhere major credit cards are accepted. Now, if you can’t find a tap and pay point for your Google Wallet app then you can whip-out your Physical card and pay with it. This will make it painless to pay via cards as you don’t have to carry all your cards with you just one Google Wallet card and you can use any card you want or the purchase.

As you can see in the images below, you can have the card shipped directly to your house through the app. Google also recently set-up a sign-up page for something new for Google Wallet, looks like the physical card is coming soon.

This was only the awesome part of the story with the new update Wallet is also getting some new features. The ability to deposit and withdraw money from Google Wallet – Watch out PayPal. All it needs now is the ability to transfer money from account to account.

Looks like Google is trying to make Wallet a big competitor in the mobile payments market but unfortunately there are no words on the availability of this service outside of US. We’ll keep you informed of all the latest news following the Wallet card, till then stay tuned.