Google Play Store Limits Buyers to Just 2 Nexus 4s Each


I don't remember there being anywhere near as much controversy surrounding any Android launch before the Nexus 4. Depending on who you ask this is a good thing but, for those that just wanted to get their hands on the phone, the launch was horrific and some missed out completely – despite placing an order just minutes after sales were open. The launch has been a low-point indeed for Google that had a new version of the Android OS to launch and some stellar hardware to back it up.

One of the biggest issues people had with the launch that is that Google didn't mention anything to the buying public; no official times, no pre-orders, no nothing. It was a free-for-all and a lot of people got left out. It really wouldn't have been too difficult for Google – the company that owns an entire Social Network – to check the pulse of the consumer public and let them know what they were in for. None of this happened and it took a few days for Google to even tell people that there would be more coming in the next few weeks, and last night we brought you news that these should be arriving a little earlier than expected.

Something I'm sure a lot of you have been wondering – ourselves included – is whether or a select few could purchase a whole bunch of the phones in order to sell them on at a later date, for a lot more than they paid for them. It's not all that unbelievable and we did in fact see such a thing after the device launched, with a number of units going up for sale on eBay for crazily inflated prices. With LG selling the phone elsewhere for a lot more than it can be found in the Play Store people are understandably curious to see if Google had done anything to stop such practice.


It looks like we finally found our answer, the folks over at Phandroid decided to purchase two Nexus 4s – not greedy at all – and when they went to buy another they were greeted with a "LIMIT REACHED" notice on the order page. So, it seems like Google are aware their new phone is popular enough for people to sell on at crazy prices, but not popular enough to sort out sales in the first place. I think that two is a fairly reasonable number, with a lot of people buying one for themselves and one for a friend who couldn't reach the computer or as a his and hers set of Android phones. What do you think? Is a limit of two, too few or just fair enough?

[Source: Phandroid]

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