Giveaway: We've Got Invite Codes for Ingress! Come and Get 'Em [Update: Winners Announced]


Over the past week or so, there's been so much publicity about this new game from Google. In particular Niantic Labs, which brought us Field Trip a few months ago. The new game I'm speaking of is Ingress. It's closed beta, and by invite only right now. All week we've been seeing people begging others on Google+ for an invite. I finally got mine yesterday afternoon, which made for a great Thanksgiving.

However we were lucky enough to get a few invite codes from the one and only Brandon Badger, who is one of the master minds at Niantic Labs. He has also been giving away codes on his Google+ page to those that show off some creative artwork using the Ingress logo. And I must say there's been some great ones out there.


For those that aren't aware of Ingress, or don't know what it is; we suggest you take a look at a couple of great articles Doug put together earlier this week about Ingress. But to put in short terms, it's basically a genius way to get fresh data for Google Maps and Street View. And it's very addicting.

How to Enter:

We're going to make this pretty easy. There are a few ways to enter, highlighted below. The contest will end at 11pm EST on Sunday, November 25th. We will announce the winners the following day.

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  • Leave a comment below, stating why you want an invite code to play Ingress
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So this means you can have up to 5 entries into the giveaway. Which means you'll have more chances to win. So good luck to everyone. And in the meantime, check out Ingress' official website to see what the game is all about and help you decide which faction you'll be joining. You'll also want to download the game so you'll be ready to go, if you're one of the lucky few to win a code! Will you join the Resistance? Or go Enlightened? Here's a quick video about the game. The Giveaway is now over and we have our 8 winners. Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the following people:Jesse Wolfe Ivan Polonevich John Lazz Micheal Love Rick Seefeldt Alexey Popodko Bob McAndrew Sahaj Chawla