Get Access To PlayStation Mobile On All Devices – Root Required


Sony's PlayStation Mobile store just launched and you can go ahead and check out what there is to offer but, you have to be on a certified device. The list of such devices is really quite small right now and includes just Sony devices and those from the HTC One Series – which doesn't include the EVO 4G LTE and presumably not the DNA. So, what are you to do if you want to play some PlayStation games and yet don't have a certified device, well, if you're running a rooted device, then there's a few simple steps you can take. Over at XDA, folks have discovered that all you have to do to enable the service on absolutely any device – as long as you're rooted – is to push some files that the app relies on, in order for it to run.

For this is to work, you need to be rooted – with full r/w access – and you also need Busybox installed as well, if you don't, you can get it using this. Read on to get PlayStation Mobile on your device:

  • First of all, you need to download the PlayStation Mobile apk here.
  • You can go ahead and install the apk but, if you try running it you'll be greeted with an error.
  • To get it running properly you'll need to have the requisite helper files for the app to run properly.
  • All you have to do is go ahead and flash this file in recovery, which will push two files to your system partition.

I'm a little surprised to see that Sony haven't opened the suite up to more devices but, this kind of stuff has always surrounded gaming and Sony are no stranger to exclusivity deals. Realistically though, this isn't the best practice for something like this after all, the idea of games is to get as many people to play them as they possibly can but, with this, Sony are limiting the amount of people that can play these games which not only hurts the PlayStation Mobile but also the developers of the games in the store.

And there you have it, PlayStation Mobile on your device that wasn't certified – have fun!

[Source: XDA]