Featured: Top 10 Best Android Widget Apps


One of the biggest features that we as Android users tease our friends who use other platforms is widgets. They are pretty great, now aren't they? Today we're bringing you 10 of the best widget apps from the Play Store. This list includes battery widgets, clock widgets, weather widgets, and more. There are some here you may have heard of before, and some you may not of. So let's sit back and enjoy, starting with number ten.

10. GO SMS Pro Widget


How many of you still use the stock messaging app? Most of you probably use GO SMS Pro, because it is pretty awesome and adds some new features that Google hasn't added to their messaging app. Well there is also a GO SMS Pro widget that you can install. It has several different themes you can choose from. You can also reply directly from the widget.


9. One More Clock Widget

You like the new clock widget on those newer Motorola phones? Want it on your current phone? Download One More Clock Widget. It has the Chrome Rings theme, along with plenty more! All widgets feature the clock, weather, and battery. There is also a widget that looks like the Sense 4 clock widget seen on the HTC One X, and HTC Droid DNA. There is literally hundreds to choose from.


8. Simple Calendar Widget


This widget is exactly what it sounds like, a simple calendar widget. Now it does come in different sizes, and show more than just your calendar. As you can see from the image above, it also shows the weather, day of the week, and the date. It's a pretty simple and transparent widget that will work with just about any background.

7. Simi Clock Widget


Simi clock widget is one of many Simi widgets. Of course this one is just a clock widget. It allows you to customize the colors, timeformats and more. You can also change the background color as shown in the image above. The Simi Clock Widget can also display the weather and/or the battery status of your device. Which is always helpful from a widget on your main home screen.


6. Fancy Widgets

Want a nice looking set of weather and clock widgets for your home screens? Well here's one of many. Fancy Widgets has a clock widget that looks a lot like the Sense 3 clock widget. For the weather provider you can choose between Google and Accuweather. You can also add the battery level to the widget, similar to most of the rest of these widgets. Everyone wants to keep an eye on the battery level right?


5. Beautiful Widgets

Want an app that gives you more than just clock and weather widgets? Then you're looking for Beautiful Widgets. This app provides you with a ton of new widgets, in all kinds of sizes. From a 1×1 to a 4×4 and even larger for tablets. There are battery widgets, toggles for wifi, bluetooth, etc, clocks, weather, clocks and weather and more. Beautiful Widgets is $0.99 but worth every penny.

4. BobclockD3

This is an interesting member of our Top 10 list. I recently ran into this one thanks to a few friends on Google+ a few weeks ago. It's a very simple clock and date widget that allows you to customize the colors. It looks quite nice, especially if you can match the colors with the background of your home screen. Only gripe I have about this one is that it only comes in a 2×3 size.

3. Falcon

Many Twitter apps come with widgets, but I guarantee you that they are not as functional as this widget. Falcon is a widget, and a full fledged Twitter app. You can do just about everything in this widget. And it has a very clean design. But the only downside is that if you have it set to auto-refresh every 5 minutes or so, it'll use a lot of data. On my device it used about 100MB in 3 days, with auto-refresh set to 3 minutes.

2. Battery widget? Reborn!

This is one of my personal favorites. When I first learned about Battery Widget? Reborn! it was in beta, and I decided to give it a try. And I am glad I did. It's a great app. It gives you a graph in your notification bar, along with average time until battery is empty. There are some other cool stats in this app as well. If you are running Android 4.1 or later you'll get toggles along with the graph in the notification bar. Very cool.

1. HD Widgets

Here's another widget pack. The reason why it's number one on our list is because of the number of widgets and sizes it has. Sizes go from 1×1 to 6×1 for tablets of course. It also features about 12 different types of widgets for you to choose from. Including toggles, weather, clocks and more. Also each widget is highly customize-able as you can tell from the image above. Give it a try.