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It's never been quite as easy to take a photo as it is these days, all you do is pull the obligatory smartphone out of your pocket and take a snap of whatever it is you want to take a photo of. These smartphones that we carry around with us all the time are becoming more and more akin to that of the digital cameras we'd take with us on trips or to parties or occasions. Sure, the Digital Camera is still a better prospect than having to use our smartphones but, you know what they say: the best camera is the camera you have with you. Taking a lot of photos is one thing but, why don't we have some more fun with them? Read on to find out how PhotoGame can make taking photos more fun, wherever you are.

PhotoGame is, of course, a game based around photos. It's not like a lot of games in that the game is played out over the course of a day. You've got to take a photo on a theme with some friends and then you all vote to see who's image is the best. It's a brilliant concept and one that relies on actual integration with your friends as oppose to just some gimmicky social integration. Read on to find out how you can go about getting your photos ranked!

How it Works: It's really pretty easy to get up and running with PhotoGame, just go ahead and install the app from the Play Store. After that, you'll be asked to create an account or sign-in with an existing one:


After you've signed in or signed up, you can see all finished games, making it quick and easy to see what others have been taking photos of when it comes to each subject. Something that will help you to see how best the game is played.

What's nice about the whole app is that the UI has a really playful look and feel to it which is encouraging you to play as you work your way through the whole thing. The app does also take you through how to play games as well, making it real easy to find your feet:


So, let's say you want to go ahead and start a new game, there are a lot of topics you can choose from so, let's go ahead and choose clouds – we all like the clouds, right? Go ahead and take a photo and upload it:


After you've uploaded your photo, you'll be asked to rank them in order, which is as simple as dragging and dropping them, once you've done that, you have to wait for everyone else in play to rank them as well, it should be done in around 24hrs:

It's worth noting that the above screen will show all of the games that you have open at any given time and you'll be waiting on them to finish. You can have as many open games as you want! If you want to play with friends, it's as easy as sending them a quick e-mail from within the app!


Opinion:Personally, I think something like this is what we've all been waiting for when it comes to getting engaged with photos. It doesn't matter how far the Internet spreads its webs, we're all still going to be interested in photos from others, broadcasting them like a cheap video production isn't something I buy into but, this can help you connect to others over common ground: a photo. Being able to connect over common themes through photos might sound trivial but they raise a lot of questions, for instance, a game on Drink might prompt a bottle of Coca-Cola from anywhere in the world: where does Coca-Cola look like that? It's a big world out there and PhotoGame can shrink it a little bit.


  • Speed (4/5) – PhotoGame installed quickly, loaded quickly and dealt with photos quickly, nothing to complain nor write home about here.
  • Features (5/5) – The concept behind the game is really quite nice, it's one thing to share your photos to Instagram or Twitter but to have them compared with other, like-mind people is another thing, a better way.
  • Theme (5/5) – I really like the UI on offer here and I think that it fits the app really nicely, making it an inviting experience to do whatever it is that you want to.
  • Overall (5/5) – PhotoGame struck me as a gimmick but, I've really warmed to it and have invited all my friends, hopefully this will encourage me to take more photos, more often!


  • User Interface is very inviting and focused on the content on offer, it really makes you want to enjoy the game and share it with friends.
  • Sharing photos is always fun but, with PhotoGame it offers a welcome step back from the Instagram and Twitter broadcasting some of us will want to keep away from.
  • Inviting your friends is really easy and I encourage you all to invite your friends!


  • An interactive tutorial would be brilliant for this.
  • Ability to create your own photo theme would be brilliant.

Conclusion: I've really enjoyed my time with PhotoGame and I hope that the friends I invited will join me on the game as it's something that's a bit of fun and will get you wanting to take more and more photos on the go. Sometimes, unless you're the creative type, there's nothing to take a photo of but, with PhotoGame, themes are given to you. Making it a little more objection based to go and get out there snapping away! If you haven't done so already, you can go ahead and install the game from the link below:

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