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Let's be real for a minute here: most of us have used torrents at some point in our lives. Whether it's for music or for videos, films, TV whatever it might be we've all been there. I'm not going to go into how you can hold of torrents for copyrighted material so, don't even ask. What we're going to do however, is review an application that is going to help you go about using torrents and getting the content played back etc. Read on to find out what Mitty Mobile Torrents is all about.

Description: When it comes down to describing Mitty Torrents in a nutshell, the app is basically a way to get content from the internet and then to play that content back. All in one place with little to no hassle. If you're the type of person that gets a lot of there music, movies or TV Shows from the wide world of torrenting then you're going to love Mitty as it'll essentially help you live that life a whole lot easier. You can download something and watch it right from the same apps. Which is pretty handy when you think about it. Mitty Torrents is a well built app and there's also a version for Google TV.


How it Works: It's really simple to get started with the app, all you have to do is to go ahead and install the app from the Play Store and then you're done, pretty much. There is a disclaimer that you have to agree to and it's something that we're going to abide by here in this review, we don't want the RIAA knocking on our doors.

After you've gone through this the app will gently tell you how to use it, which is pretty nice, even if it's only a little something, we wish all apps would come with some pointers


It's really easy to go ahead and search for something as you just hit finish and it'll take you there, you can do it through a keyboard or through voice search, which works quite nicely:


As this is morke than just a torrent client it also plays back your content and what's really quite good about this is that it will play it back from a number of different sources. Which is pretty handy if, like me, you have a torrent client set to automatically add torrent files from Dropbox and then download to a shared folder, that 1080p, completely legal blu-ray won't zap space on your phone or tablet, just watch it from the PC.

I played a number of different files and encountered little to no problems with it so, you should be all set! Mitty Torrents is an app that can really help when it comes down to torrenting and the like, it's worth noting that the free version has a cap of 150 kbps so, if you have really fast WiFi at home or lucky enough to have LTE unlimited then it's well worth paying extra $1.29 to unlock the full speeds.


Opinion: Apps like this are brilliant, the sort of app that you keep installed on all of your devices even if you might not use it because, you know that when you do want to download the latest episode of The Office or Modern Family, Mitty Torrents has your back covered. There are no surprises here and what you see is what you get, a full featured torrent client that can also playback media. Brilliant. Personally, I don't do a lot of torrenting on anything but US TV Shows as there hard to get here and I'm not waiting 6-8 weeks. This will help me keep up to date and I could even watch the odd episode on my phone as my girlfriend hogs the TV.


  • Speed (4/5) – I can't complain about how fast the app is, it's lightweight and runs well.
  • Features (5/5) – For those that torrent, this a godsend and works really well, for both downloading and for watching stuff back.
  • Theme (3/5) – It's not the prettiest app and it could do with a makeover but, it gets the job done fine and it's not confusing.
  • Overall (4/5) – Mitty Torrents is perfect for those that are used to downloading a whole lot and for those that watch content on their phones or tablets.
  • Multi-functional style of the app works well and provides a good experience.
  • $1.29 to unlock the app for full download speeds is a small price to pay.
  • Spartan UI might not look pretty but is easy to use.
  • Tablet support, with action bar and layout.
  • A better look would be nice.
  • Integration with the Google TV version would be brilliant.
Conclusion: For those of you that deal with torrents a whole lot then there's no reason whatsoever to not install this app and give it a go. There's a lot on offer here and it's a fully-featured torrent client that adds value with the ability to playback content as well as search for new content from all over the place. While you might have to pay to unlock the full speed of the app, it's only $1.29 and will hardly break the bank, in fact, it's a no-brainer. There's also a version for the Google TV and it'd be brilliant if they spoke to each other but as it stands both apps stand alone and provide brilliant experiences. If you're looking for media apps on Android or just apps for Google TV, the dev has a lot more to offer.


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