Droid Weekly 11/25/12: Galaxy S4, Android 4.2, Google Wireless, and More


MetroPCS Plays Nice with the DOJ to Keep Acquisition Deal Moving

We know all about the MetroPCS and T-Mobile deal by now right? The reverse merger that's getting ready to happen between the fourth and fifth largest US carriers? Well of course this merger has to be approved by a few other people before the two carriers can proceed. Read More


Samsung to present 8 Core (4+4) big.Little Chip in February

It appears the only manufacturer to really be innovating lately is Samsung. They were the first to bring a quad-core processor with LTE on board to the US, even though a certain carrier still hasn't released this particular device. But a 8-core chip in a phone? Read More

So It Begins: Galaxy S IV Rumored to Bring Quad-Core A15 Chip and 13MP camera


Rumors of the Galaxy S4 are already beginning. And the Galaxy S3 is only a few months old, and still the top seller. How can Samsung top their highly successful Galaxy S3? Well if these rumors are correct, they might have found a way. Read More

Android 4.2 the Most Buggy Release since Honeycomb?

We've found so many bugs in Android 4.2 since it started pushing to Nexus devices over OTA in the past two weeks. Including very slow charging and quick discharge on some devices. This article has become one of our most commented stories in a long time, so if you find any more bugs, feel free to leave them in the comments. Read More


Google: We Promise to fix the December bug in Android 4.2

While we are talking about Android 4.2 bugs, another familiar one is the absent month of December from the People app. Google has stated that they will fix it. So we are expecting a new OTA to possibly Android 4.2.1 pretty soon. Read More

Dish and Google Wireless: FCC Chairman would Sign Off under one Condition


We've been hearing a lot lately that Google is looking to get their foot into the wireless industry. It's also been said that they are in talks with Dish network to use their acquired spectrum, and they have plenty of that. The FCC Chairman even said he would sign off on Google Wireless, but there is a catch. Read More

Nexus 4's Dormant LTE Radio Wakes Up in Canada; Working LTE after Tweak

You remember all the fuss that was made over the Nexus 4 not having LTE? Then the fuss over it having an inactive LTE radio? Well it appears now that some hackers were able to get it working in Canada. Read More


Unlocking the HTC Droid DNA's Bootloader

Yesterday we found this nice tutorial of how to unlock the bootloader on the Droid DNA. This is all thanks to @TeamAndIRC and a few others who worked hard on getting the Droid DNA's bootloader unlocked despite the help of Verizon. Read More

Giveaway: We've Got Invite Codes for Ingress! Come and Get 'Em


This weekend we've been running a giveaway on the site for a handful of Ingress codes we were given by +Brandon Badger, who is one of the masterminds at Niantic Labs. If you haven't already entered, you'll want to very soon. As it closes at 11pm EST Tonight! And the winners will be announced tomorrow, and emailed their invite code. Read More

Letter From The Editor; Say Hello to the New AndroidHeadlines.com

You may have noticed that we went through a makeover in the past week. We finally got the new version of AndroidHeadlines.com up and running. We've also added Disqus as our new commenting system, as you can see below. Let us know what you think of the redesign. Read More